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We are a Creative Team. We find the problems, Create Self Adaptated Solutions. Design, Algorithms & Development is our Passion.

Nous sommes une Equipe Créative. Nous identifions les problèmes, trouvons des solutions sur mesure, du cousu main. Calculer, coder & interfacer, c'est notre Passion.

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C, C++, Java, Javascript, JQuery, CSS3, Html5, Php, C#, Python, Shell, Batch, Javascript(Node JS), Cordova, Matlab, VB, R, Express, ctl.

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MySql, SqLite, NoSql, GISON, other SQL requester.

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Références personnelles récentes des collaborateurs

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BackEnd, Web Front End, API (Rest), object oriented server programming, languages interoperability, smartphone.

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Mathematical skills

Compétences mathématiques

Probability and statistics: signal processing, stochastic processes, time series.
Modeling, Simulation, Optimization, Numerical analysis.

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